FullHouse Day~

It was my first time dine out at Fullhouse - Lifestyle Store & CafĂ©. What's so interesting, the store resemble an actual house with lots of white decorations. There's a car, family pictures, and even a bed! Cool right? 

*can i take a nap, please? haha..

The food was great with reasonable price. One more thing.. i love the comic like - menu book! *o*

Unfortunately, i cant read them.. +_+ 

A'way, it was very pleasant day and i really enjoyed it! Thanks darl! huhu~


Pin Cushion Character

This character is actually inspired from my pin cushion..
but.. it doesn't really look that way.. +_+

Dollie Dolls

Handmade dolls
Material: Styrofoam and felt fabrics
requested by Naza
These dollie dolls was featured in her final major project-av
Enjoy the video! ^_^

Tees Design

Winking Cassette  -_^

Fabric Marker on Tee

Music Note Bubble

Silkscreen and embroidery

Kick A**


Embroidery Handwork - Bird

Title: Traveler's Story I, 2009
Medium: Acrylic and embroidery on cotton
Size: 21 cm x 30 cm