Contest 2 Warna

My favorite color combination has to be red and white. White is the symbol of sacred and purity while red symbolizes strong emotions, excitement, energy, speed, strength, danger, passion, and aggression. So, what do I get from both colors?

It has to be innocent face, bold decision. Like this.. (See the pics) Huhu..

I LOVE red-white!!

Darling, let’s get married in red-white! ^0^ Lol.. 

Looking through folders, i found a picture of cards and mini cards that i used to make for a very special person. This card was made in occasion and comes with envelope that matches the size. Each of the cards have different story, but same purpose just to make the person who gets it happy.  ^___* This card is my expression of feelings and thoughts. 

Perhaps i should make this again..

Monday, December 13, 2010

I’m tired..

Can I sleep?

Is there any tomorrow?

I hope tomorrow never comes

I’m really tired playing this game

I don’t wanna play anymore

Please let me sleep

Let me sleep till the game is over

Characters for a short video (Environmental Theme)

Recently, I have been offered a job to create characters for a short video. There is still one more character that need to be done by next week. Hopefully i manage to juggle everything perfectly. 

List things to do for the video:

  • characters based on 4 basic elements (water, wind, fire and nature) done!
  • create a mischievous boy character
  • storyboard with three different sequence
  • storyline
  • 3D character models
  • props for the screen-shot

Coming soon!

The only thing is finish here (in this blog) is the header.. hahha.. +__+" My cousin and i planned to sell cotton fabrics and some of other stuff in this blog. Unfortunately, we're too lazy to take pictures and updating the blog. Insyallah, within this month we'll try hard to complete the blog.


Private collection of previous drawings. Medium used for these drawing are mostly charcoal on artboard. 


Some of the works exhibited during the final year show.

Title: everGREEN

Size: 2.5 x 8 ft.

Collection: UiTM Collection

Title: A Moment to Reflect

Size: 2.5 x 6 ft.

Collection: - (Sold)

Title: The Blue Green of Water

Size: 2.5 x 6 ft.

Collection: Private Collection


Out of the blue, I feels like having a vacation in the middle of hectic life. But I'm not sure where to go..

I imagine a paradise that no one has ever reached. Greenery scape with colorful fragrant wild flowers. A small river that has crystal clear water full with unique rocks that merely look like diamonds. Beautiful sky that make me wanna soar skyward and grab the clouds.

If only there's such place..

A place like this perhaps? Hmm.. Unfortunately, everything is Photoshopped!

Digital Sketch

Couple pictures edited. Water + Stones.. Enjoy it!  ^___^

Oh, forgot to mention.. the next thing i will do is to transfer the images onto canvas. It might not be the same.. *hope not.. but I'll try my best to imitate exactly as it looks! Berusaha Abby! 

River of Stones

Title: River Stones I

Medium: Oil Pastels on Sugar Paper

Title: River Stones II

Medium: Oil Pastels on Sugar Paper

Studies of physical characteristics of water.

Hmm.. sketches should be made before final artwork but in contrary, I made final works before the study! +_+ Grreat! Hopefully I'm not gonna repeat this again.

Painting - H2o

Title: Droplets
Medium: Acrylic on watercolor canvas
Size: 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm

Title: Aqua
Medium: Acrylic on raw cotton
Size: 45.7 cm x 45.7 cm

The artworks titled 'Droplets' and 'Aqua' are inspired from the freshness, untouched beauty and crystal clear water. 

Water that Falls

Lata Kinjang, Chenderiang, Perak

Below to top view of Lata Kinjang

Riverine landscape

Water close-up

“The best way to appreciate nature is to imagine yourself without one.”

FullHouse Day~

It was my first time dine out at Fullhouse - Lifestyle Store & CafĂ©. What's so interesting, the store resemble an actual house with lots of white decorations. There's a car, family pictures, and even a bed! Cool right? 

*can i take a nap, please? haha..

The food was great with reasonable price. One more thing.. i love the comic like - menu book! *o*

Unfortunately, i cant read them.. +_+ 

A'way, it was very pleasant day and i really enjoyed it! Thanks darl! huhu~


Pin Cushion Character

This character is actually inspired from my pin cushion..
but.. it doesn't really look that way.. +_+

Dollie Dolls

Handmade dolls
Material: Styrofoam and felt fabrics
requested by Naza
These dollie dolls was featured in her final major project-av
Enjoy the video! ^_^

Tees Design

Winking Cassette  -_^

Fabric Marker on Tee

Music Note Bubble

Silkscreen and embroidery

Kick A**


Embroidery Handwork - Bird

Title: Traveler's Story I, 2009
Medium: Acrylic and embroidery on cotton
Size: 21 cm x 30 cm


Drawing made by Kue
cost RM10
it suppose to be printed on *his tee
but... i got lazy..
Sorry darl! :'(

Embroidery Handwork

First time produce.. ; )
acrylic and lots of embroidery threads

Buttons Pouch (Pink)

Buttons pouch (pink)
requested by arab

Buttons Pouch

Experimental buttons pouch
i gave this pouch to beca-beca.. ; )

Wide Mouth Pouch

Wide mouth pouch
i used it to keep my mp3

Coin Pouch

coin pouch
felt fabric with recycle hair accessories (love) ;)